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Project Description

At its heart, the band Backbeat features the best of both worlds – a combination of both the old and the new. It’s true of Backbeat’s members: young, talented, up-and-comers playing alongside a seasoned, veteran musician as their musical director. And the same holds true for the music Backbeat plays: today’s contemporary music (Bruno Mars, Daft Punk and The Black Keys) performed hand-in-hand with a bevy of beloved classics (The Beatles, Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye). So it doesn’t matter if you’re 16 or 60, there is always a great time to be had at a Backbeat show.

As the former Musical Director of The Funk Brothers and Wilson Pickett, Kelly Craig was intent on making Backbeat a solid band right from the start. True to his intention, after just a few rehearsals it was clear that Backbeat offers the public something very few groups do, an energetic performance of contemporary material informed by artists of the past. The band turned out to be lightning in a bottle and its popularity completely took off. Backbeat has since played numerous events – corporate parties, wedding receptions and club dates, all to enthusiastic responses. Their potent mix of youthful energy and proven experience is a real crowd winner. If you have a big/important event planned for people of all ages – Backbeat’s the one!

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  • Date January 20, 2016
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