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Project Description

8 Track is a band born of several beginnings. Initially formed by a group of seasoned musicians performing in some of Ottawa’s premier cover bands (Soul Cracker, Disco Inferno, Lotion, Jackson Miles, Walter Ego, Jukebox Revival, Saturday Night Fever, Stone Soul Picnic and Soul Train to name a few) the members of 8 Track were mutually inspired to test the waters of a live karaoke band project. Due to their common history, the band members were all familiar with each other’s shared gifts of quickly learning songs to add to what would eventually become a vast repertoire. An identity and sound for the band followed swiftly after – anchored by dueling keyboards, towering vocals and virtuosic playing. But even with a talented foundation like this, success for 8 Track wasn’t without its growing pains. Audience members of the group’s live karaoke show were often hesitant to take the stage on account of the band’s impressive musicianship, but even more so because of the awe inspiring singing of their lead singer, Steve Gabellini – vocal acrobat extraordinaire. Even now it still sometimes takes a little extra encouragement, but the enthusiastic concert goers who choose to come up and belt out their favorite tune, always have a blast. Take it from 8 Track, if you’ve never karaoked with a live band behind you – you haven’t lived. When booked for your special event 8 Track will gladly accommodate requests from the audience to bring your friends and family up so that they can have the chance to showcase their underappreciated talent for a song or two.
Band Members
  • Steve Gabellini – Lead Vocal and Keyboards
  • Kelly Craig – Musical Director, Electric Bass and Trumpet
  • Brent Hultquist – Keyboards, Saxophone, and Flute
  • Hugues Drouin – Electric Guitar and Electric Bass
  • Matt Babineau – Drum Set

Project Details

  • Date June 17, 2015
  • Tags Projects

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